Discover the Undiscovered
Immerse yourself in the pulsating heart of jazz at The Secret Jazz Club, an exclusive experience where music and mystery intertwine. Our pop-up jazz clubs materialize in the most astonishing locations, offering an enchanting escape from the ordinary.

World-Class Talent
Feel the rhythm of the world as you indulge in performances by outstanding musicians, celebrated on international stages and renowned festivals. These artists, who have graced the iconic Ronnie Scott's, bring an electrifying presence to every show, ensuring a unique and unforgettable experience.

A Night Like No Other
Every Secret Jazz Club event is a foray into the extraordinary. From hidden urban gems to breathtaking natural settings, our venues are carefully chosen to amplify the night's magic. As you step into our world, the mundane fades, leaving only the soul-stirring sounds of jazz.

Join the Secret
Ready to be part of the secret? Join our community of jazz enthusiasts. Be the first to know about our next pop-up event and get exclusive access to tickets. Experience the thrill of a hot jazz club, hidden in plain sight, waiting just for you.

The Secret Jazz Club Awaits...
Don't just listen to jazz – live it. At The Secret Jazz Club, every note tells a story, every performance is a journey. Be there to write the next chapter


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